Yarlet School | Form 8s lead our Form 5 and Form 6 pupils through Roman Wroxeter

Form 8s lead our Form 5 and Form 6 pupils through Roman Wroxeter


Pupils learn firsthand about Roman times and have lots of fun along the way.

Forms 5 and 6, with Form 8 Latin as group leaders, had an interesting day out in Viriconium. It was their first trip to a Roman site and it took some imagination to picture how magnificent the baths once were. The hypocaust caused the most excitement as pupils saw how high the floors would have been and realised just how under floor heating worked. They really enjoyed posing on the tile towers and jumping into the frigidarium (cold plunge pool) the caldarium (the hot pool) and the piscina (swimming pool).

After a picnic lunch we had time for a lesson about Roman villas: how they were built, who they were for, how they were decorated, etc. We then had our own guided tour around the house examining the construction of the walls and the functions of specific rooms. We were surprised to see that there was a butcher's shop attached to the front of the house and that the bedrooms were so dark and small. The house had been made using traditional Roman methods and with a design based on archaeological evidence. It was good to see such an excellent reconstruction

I hope the pupils will try to see more Roman remains on their travels through Britain and Europe this summer.