Science 007  
Pupils in Forms 7 and 8 used science to make honeycomb and ice cream during Monday evening's Science Club.

The children made their own ice cream in 10 minutes using cream and a plastic bag! The end result was delicious and the children very much enjoyed eating the fruits of their labour!
And now for the Science ..... The cream was shaken in a bag of ice and salt which reduces the temperature so that the cream freezes quickly to produce ice cream. Honeycomb is made with sugar and bicarbonate of soda which thermally decomposes to produce all the bubbles in the honeycomb.
If you would like to have a go at home, instructions can be found on the following website:
www.catalyststudent.org.uk "making ice cream without a freezer" and "the thermal decomposition of sodium hydrogen carbonate" (making honeycomb)