Election Photo

Although last week's General Election was among the most keenly followed in history, it proved little more than a warm up act for the main event the day after, Yarlet 2015!

As part of their PSHE studies, Form 7 pupils formed themselves into parties, formulated manifestos and campaigned relentlessly for a week before appearing in a live debate on Friday afternoon.  They were questioned on their manifestos without mercy by staff and pupils alike, defending their stances on such critical issues as Cancelling Cross Country and Shortening the School Day.  There was even a hint of controversy as one candidate was grilled on the subject of bribing the electorate with sweets to garner support.  His assertion that it just  happened to be his birthday did little to limit the damage to his party's credibility!  All pupils then moved to a hastily constructed Polling Station to cast their votes, with parties requiring a majority of 39 for election. The keenly anticipated results will be delivered at lunchtime on Monday, with the Exit Polls indicating a dead heat!  All pupils learned a great deal about the electoral process, and democracy in general.  Congratulations to Form 7 on their efforts on a most worthwhile and stimulating evolution.