Yarlet School | SPANISH EXCHANGE - DAY 2


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Abigael, Rory, Grace and Mrs Cornes were finally able to join the group today.  

Very sadly, it has not been possible to get Jeffrey here so he will not be able to take part on this occasion.  We all feel so sorry that he has had such bad luck.

Abigael and Rory have now been placed with their families and have spent the afternoon with them whilst the rest of us explored El Escorial.  The children were complimented on their excellent attention and it was surprising how much they were able to take in from the English speaking guide.  An ex-teacher from the United States was taken back by their intelligence and attentiveness; they asked some thoughtful questions and showed off a bit of their general knowledge!  Temperatures passed the 40 degrees mark today although we worked hard at keeping in the shade and constantly sipping water.  Fortunately, it was surprisingly cool in the Monasterio de El Escorial and this afternoon/evening, we spent an hour or so in the pool again before dinner when Abigael and her host family joined us.

We have naturally slipped into a Spanish timetable:

Breakfast: 9.30am

Lunch: 3pm

Pool: 7.30pm

Dinner: 9.00pm

Bed: 11.00pm

Everyone is having a great time and learning a great deal about Spanish culture, history and some of the language..

We are going into school tomorrow morning and having lunch there before the attraction park.