Yarlet School | UP, UP AND AWAY!!



It was a monumental moment this afternoon when Reception released their butterflies so that they could enjoy our beautiful grounds as much as we do. Having delighted in watching Leeloo, Constellation, Sam, Rob and Charlie grow from tiny caterpillars into chrysalises before half term, Mrs George (with the help of Daniel and Mr George) lovingly looked after them, even transferring them into their larger home without a problem.

On Wednesday, we cane into school to find 2 butterflies. By registration, we had 3 and by lunch we had 4 beautiful butterflies and one lonely chrysalis. Imagine our joy to see 5 butterflies when we got in on Thursday.

After we discussed the merits of setting them free versus keeping them forever because they were "so beautiful and we could give them a flower to live on", we got to the business of setting then free by the rhodies, with a few bits of apple for sustenance.

Keep your eyes out for our fluttery friends and another big thank you to the Smith clan for giving us such a wonderfully entertaining and educational gift :-)