Yarlet School | YARLET U13 v TERRA NOVA LOST 3-1


Netball and Bird Watching 002

Despite the bitter cold Yarlet girls gave a heated performance against a skilful Terra Nova side.


It was fantastic to see the defensive team of Olivia and Elizabeth in action. Both girls worked hard and snatched the ball countless times to prevent their opponents from having a free ride!

Tawana was dashing and leaping everywhere on court, linking strong passes from Olivia into the shooters.

Having to borrow a goal attack was a great disadvantage especially as she couldn't shoot! Maisy snatched the ball several times and although she at first found it rather daunting to have a defender's arms towering above her she finally had a long shot that just sailed in!

Our heads were held up high after an exhausting 20 minute match against two different Terra Nova teams.

Well fought girls. It was great to see the Yarlet fighting spirit in full flow.

Now we must prepare ourselves for Denstone!