Blessed Bill Rounders Tournament

Yesterday the U13 girls rounders team went to Blessed William Howard School in Stafford for a tournament against 4 other local secondary schools.

We were all a bit anxious as we had never played against these schools before and just didn’t know how skilled our opposition would be.

Our first match against Stafford Sports College got off to a roaring start with Captain, Olivia, opting to bat. Between them, the team mounted up 5 rounders from 25 good balls. Unfortunately we took too many risks early on which meant only 3 girls were left in at the end of the innings but luckily Olivia kept everyone going with long hits, protecting the remaining team. Our fielding in this game was outstanding. All girls were calm and knew exactly what to do. It was nice to see so many supportive and encouraging comments made amongst the team and I’m sure that helped achieve the final score of 5 - 1 ½ to Yarlet.

Our second game was against Walton and we knew they would be good. Again, we batted first but only managed 3 ½ rounders this time as the opposition’s fielding was very tight and some of our players were more contented with watching their hits than running for a score! Our fielding was good, but unfortunately not good enough for Walton as they continued to take advantage of our errors. The final score was 7 – 3 ½ to Walton.

Our third game had us playing against Weston Road Academy. We seemed to dip a bit in this game, our heads weren’t in it and we lost out on many chances to place our hits and make plucky runs. We only got 3 rounders in total this game while our opposition managed to mount up 6 whole rounders in their batting innings, along with 2 half rounders. Our fielding was good in and around the posts but unfortunately our long throws just weren’t up to scratch when they were needed, making the final score 7-3 to Weston Road.

The final game was against the home team, Blessed William Howard. They seemed confident, but we found our fight and gave it our all, mounting up 3 ½ rounders in our batting innings and fielding tightly. Luckily our throwing became more accurate and we had learnt from previous errors, preventing our opposition from taking the win by only one rounder. The final score was 3 ½ - 2 ½ to Yarlet.

Overall we came 2nd in the tournament but it must be noted that Yarlet was playing against schools who had up to 70 year 8s to choose from, while we had much younger pupils playing in our team. What a fantastic effort girls, under the circumstances - you did yourselves and your school proud. Well done!