Repton Dubai Visit 005

Yesterday, in the beautiful sunshine at Yarlet, the U11 rounders team played Repton, Dubai.

Captain, Amelia opted to bat first and we got off to a good start, mounting up the half rounders early on. Repton’s fielding was tight and we weren’t used to teams that were so well drilled, so we didn’t take many risks in the first innings. Some of our players were unlucky to be caught out, after making cracking hits but the rest kept going, making runs where possible. We managed to score 3 ½ rounders in this innings.

Going into field, we knew we had to keep our cool and concentrate. Kirstie stopped our opposition scoring many times at 2nd base, while Grace D, Evi and Jessica C worked hard fielding the ball back to bowler, Amelia. Repton didn’t score as many half rounders as we did, but unfortunately for us, they could hit it a long way and scored 4 full rounders, making the half-time score 6 – 3 ½ to Repton, Dubai.

With increased confidence that the difference in the score wasn’t too great, we went into bat in the 2nd innings, prepared to take more risks. We were able to place our hits better this innings and read the game much better. Amelia scored our one and only rounder from a fantastic hit and misfielding from the opposition. At ball 23 there were only 2 players left in, so Amelia and Jemima had to work hard between them for the final 7 balls. Luckily they managed it, increasing the score by another 2 rounders between them. At the end of our batting innings we had scored another 3 ½ rounders, making our final score 7 in total.

Going into field for the final time, we knew it would be close. Luckily, Repton couldn’t hit Grace D’s balls so there was no score for the first 10 balls. Jemima stumped out their strongest player at 1st base, knocking the confidence of our opposition. Our throwing was much more accurate and Amlelia scooped up many lose balls in the field, aiming straight for 4th. Jessica Hood’s accurate throwing from backstop meant only one player scored from a backward hit in the entire game. She also backed up 4th base with confidence. Kirstie cut out all options at 2nd base, meaning only one player scored a half rounder in that 2nd innings. Unfortunately for us, they had one player that could hit the ball right behind 1st and our opposition were able to mount up 6 full rounders in total, along with one half rounder.

The final score was 12 ½ - 7 to Repton, Dubai. It was such a close game and we played outstandingly well against a bigger, stronger side. Learning lots from our game yesterday, we can now move forward with more confidence than ever before.   Well done everyone who played yesterday.