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In the blistering heat we travelled to Smallwood to play Denstone Prep.


Our captain, Danielle, chose to field first. Alice caught someone out on 4th base on the very first ball and our accuracy continued when Ellen went on to catch another near first base. Fielding around the bases was tight. Danielle was able to stump quite a few players out on 2nd base, well backed up by Tania, and Purdy stopped lots of play around 3rd base. Harriet's fielding at backstop controlled the game well while she thought carefully about where the direct her throws. Evi made a few controlled throws into 4th base. Sophie's bowling was fantastic from start to finish. She was calm, confident and changed her throwing style lots so the Denstone Prep girls struggled to hit it.

Our opposition scored 4½ rounders in their first batting innings.

We went into bat. Evi and Harriet made some cracking hits but the fielding around 2nd was tight so Harriet didn't manage to get any further. Evi was lucky to get a couple of rounders from some plucky runs after miss-fielding. Ellen and Alice were on form with their hitting, making some lovely long hits and taking risks to score 3 rounders between them from more over-throws. Tania made a lovely hit and managed to score half a rounder and Eleanor surprised herself when she made contact with the ball, scoring half a rounder at 2nd base.

We scored 5 full rounders in the first innings and 7 half rounders, making the total a marvellous 12.

Our fielding was tight again in the second innings but we were put under more pressure when our opposition started to hit the ball. There was lots of fumbling around on the floor while Denstone Prep mounted up their rounders. Jessica C kept her cool in the field however, stumping a player out on 2nd which seemed to calm us all down a bit. The relationship between Grace W at backstop and Ellen on first became stronger, and Ellen was able to stump 3 players out after they didn't hit the ball. Ella made a beautiful catch behind first and also had quite a bit of work to do backing Ellen up on first. Danielle and Purdy made some fabulous catches and were both able to stump 2 players out each.

The final score was 7 ½ rounders in this innings.

Now at this point the score was an equal 12-12. We still had to bat but Miss Dugdale wouldn't tell us the score, so we thought it was very close. Ellen and Jessica took advantage of some miss-fielding after hitting the ball behind 1st base, Ellen scoring 2 whole rounders and Jessica scoring 3! Grace W made a beautiful hit which our opposition just couldn't get anywhere near 4th base so she mounted up another rounder. Unfortunately Alice and Purdy were both put out, after making cracking hits, because they left their base.

The final score was 23-12 to Yarlet. Well done girls, another fantastic win, you took risks when you could and your fielding became much tighter after some superb coaching from the year 5's !!