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Scorching sun beating down on pitch two and eager Mums warming up and working out their tactics determined to improve on last year's results!

This was the scene which greeted the U13 and U10 Rounders teams on Friday the 10th July.

Innings one of the U13 match and girls were stealing half rounders easily. Mums hadn't worked out how to protect base two. Superb catches from Mrs T-R and sensational stumping from Mrs. Rotchell on base 4 prevented the team from scoring many full rounders - just the one from Liz Morris.

The Mums came in to bat and were not intimidated by Amelia's bowling. There were some huge hits especially from Mrs Bane, Mrs T-R and Mrs Rotchell.

Charmaine took two super catches in the deep and almost held on to a third! Final score was 6 all!

Innings two and the turn of the U10's. Batting first the Mums had gained in confidence and bravado. Mrs Nash now impressed with a fine hit between 1st and 2nd base and, with risky running, completed her rounder in style! Mrs T-R had the fielders guessing where her magnificent hits would be placed scoring 3 rounders from 3 balls! Jessica Hood stopped the ladies becoming too confident with a superb catch running over 5 metres forward from the back stop position. Grace T-R also took a wonderful catch and almost stumped out her Mum on 4th! The ladies had scored 7 rounders .

Mrs. Whittingham chose to bowl again and was happy to put off the girls in particular her daughter! She made two spectacular catches