Yarlet School | U12 HOCKEY V TERRA NOVA


Boys Football  Girls Hockey 30.9.15 002The first half was slow as we settled into the game.

We passed the ball around and discovered that perhaps Terra Nova weren't going to cause as many problems as we had initially thought. Nevertheless Jemima, Abigael, Danielle and Emily had lots to do in defence, making strong tackles and saves. Maicee and Harriet made good runs down the wing but they struggled to get the ball into the goal. After one final push, and a little help from Jessica Hood, we scored our first goal, the only score of this half.

A quick change around at half time and we went out a little more determined to pick up the pace. We were still passing it to the opposition far more than we should but, in doing so, got lots of shots on goal. Harriet was more shocked than celebratory when her goal went in off the keepers pads but Terra Nova were quick on the attack and scored two more just afterwards. The score was now 2-2. We kept fighting hard so determined Jemima took the ball on her own, to score from a slap into the corner.

With 5 minutes on the clock, Terra Nova got another, making the score 3-3. We then dug deeper and ramped the pace up even more. Jessica C made some excellent supportive runs down the wing, along with Grace, Jessica and Jemima. We had shot after shot at the keeper but couldn't get one in. Finally, in the dying seconds of the match, Jessica slipped one in past the keeper and made the final score 4-3.

An excellent effort to all girls today. You dug deep and showed us the strong stuff you're made of! Well done!