Hockey v Beech Hall 18 November 001

The U12s enjoyed a game on Wednesday against Beech Hall School. Jemima and Grace D had a great partnership in the middle, working together to get the ball around our opposition. We had quite a few chances on the break away but were hindered by our feet which kept getting in the way! Jemima scored our first goal with a crafty deflection from the opposition's defenders. Kirstie scored our second after a plucky run up the wing and passing it around between players, she managed to get it in the goal. We had plenty of short corner practise but were unsuccessful after trying to hit it through the goalkeeper on numerous occasions!

Beech Hall also managed to score 2 in the first half so it was all the play for in the second half. Maicee and Harriet were confident on the wing, making some excellent lead runs up towards the goal. Danielle tried out her marking and shadowing in defence and managed to keep the opposition away. All the girls worked hard and were rewarded with one more goal before the final whistle went.

Another good win to the U12 team, 3-2! Well done!


The U9 girls were very excited for their first home game at Yarlet! We split up into two teams again, ready to play Beech Hall.

The first match featured the Lions where Alice Beardsmore scored 2 goals within the first 2 minutes of the match! Purdy and Alice continued to work hard together in the middle, using their wingers, Sienna and Katie to create space. Purdy soon managed two more goals for the Lions, making the half time score 4-0. We moved everyone round in the second half. Sienna and Katie fought for the ball in the middle, Eleanor and Sophie ran around in midfield creating space and Ellen made a lovely run up the wing, slapping the ball in and making the final score 5-0.

The second game featured the Tigers against Beech Hall. Ellen and Ella showed good teamwork in the middle, getting one goal each in the first half. Raphie and Sophie took over the centre spot, fighting for the ball around so many Beech Hall players. Louiza and Jessica got into some lovely spaces down the wing, while Freya and Evelyn stayed focussed in defence. In the second half Ella scored another goal after she battled for it in the D, making the final score 3-0.

Well done U9! Another great game!