Yarlet School | U11 NETBALL V EDENHURST - WON 7 - 6


U11 Girls Netball

First quarter 3 - 1 to Edenhurst, whose goal shooters looked good again!


Second quarter was slow with no real shots for Yarlet and one more for our opponents, 4 - 1.

After half-time, Yarlet picked up the pace with better passes and superb interceptions from Jemima and Evie. Jessica H and Grace were speeding down the side lines and high passes floated beautifully into our shooters, Jessica C and Kirstie. At last our score started to move in the right direction, but Edenhurst remained ahead by two goals, 6 - 4.

Final quarter and the girls realised that it would not be impossible to win if only they could increase their successful passing and keep the Edenhurst shooters out of the circle.

By chance, as Kirstie was about to take a shot, some Form 6 boys were walking past having just finished their games lesson. The effect was amazing. The ball slotted in without touching the sides and the boys gave a great cheer. This not only motivated the team but inspired them to victory. Edenhurst struggled to intercept the ball allowing Yarlet to keep possession. One goal followed another and the cheers got louder.

Having lagged behind for the whole of the match, Yarlet took a surprise victory with a final score of 7 - 6!!