Yarlet School | U11 & U10 RUGBY V BIRCHFIELD


U11 Rugby 20 Jan 2016.2


This was a match that really shone in various areas in the U11's first rugby match against Birchfield.


Joseph Shaw, captain, gave support to his team and encouraged them to try their best. One area that was commended in the U11's playing was their respectful approach to the game. 

It was Jon Cunliffe who scored the first try for Yarlet, dashing down the line and touching down in the bottom left corner. Despite both teams being evenly matched in ability and experience, it was Birchfield that took away an 8-1 win, partially down to tactics which enabled them to find a chink in Yarlet's otherwise strong armour.

Mentions need to be made to all players of the team, who, for a first match, put in a sterling effort and showed true sportsmanship. Charlie Capewell gave great chase to the opposing side, whilst Victor Camara-Ruiz showed excellent effort and determination. Mackenzie Tart and Ben Eden also showed great resilience during the match, whilst Sam Archer, Joseph Shaw and Jon Cunliffe were superb up-and-coming players who excelled in teamwork skills. Finally Oliver Heath showed a good attitude towards the game.

Well done lads, a great first home game.


This was a thrilling first match for the U10 boys, who put in such a terrific effort and attitude against Birchfield.

The game was an evenly matched one, with both sides playing their first game of the season.

Henry Pickering, as captain, rallied his team effectively and ensured they were all in position to start. This was swiftly followed by a terrific try by Alfie Farrington, who easily weaved around the Birchfield players and scored a great first point for Yarlet.

This was quickly followed by two more superb tries by Noah Beeston and Henry Pickering, and the first third of the match finished with a cracking dash from Aaron Paris-Stickland, an ace player who has really proven his worth on the field.

Alfie once again demonstrated excellent rugby playing skills, scoring a fifth and a sixth try. This was matched try for try by Birchfield.

Injuries soon crept in as both sides began to feel the wear and tear of continued play. But players such as Jamie Betteley and Jamie Cartwright bravely played on, Jamie B. scoring a seventh try.

The match ended with a fourth try from Alfie, making the score tied at 8-8.

A very good start for the U10's, and all players are commended for their determined attitude and teamwork.