Yarlet School | U11 RUGBY V ST ANSELM'S


U11 Rugby v St Anselms 002

It was a long, windy journey to St. Anselm's in the Peak District, made more manageable by DJ's Capewell and Heath who spurred the U11 team on with songs from Yarlet's upcoming musical.

The match itself did not begin favourably for Yarlet; an early injury to Jamie Cartwright put the future of the game into doubt for our U11's. But Jamie, optimistic as usual, leapt back into the game and was sprinting and tackling again in no time. Joseph Shaw ensured his team were in correct formation at all times, and communicated well, spurring them on to offload, pass, push forwards and make a try. Unfortunately, this was to prove another loss for the hard-working boys, who played a team from a school born and bred on rugby.

Mackenzie Tart should be singled out as a brilliant up and coming player who truly tried his hardest during the game. Notable efforts were made from Oliver Heath and Charlie Capewell, with great support from Joe Shaw and Victor Camara-Ruiz. Ben Eden proved to be the cross-country master once more, but sadly could not break the St. Anselm line.

Another season over, and I think the boys are looking forward to the cricket season to say the least!