Yarlet School | U13 ROUNDERS V ST ANSELM'S


Rounders 1

The U13 team had their much awaited match against St Anslems on Wednesday.

The first innings sped by as our opposition fired balls at us. We managed to hit some of them but luckily our positioning in the box amounted some half rounders from no balls, only Kirstie managed to score half from reaching second base.

We continued to feel the pressure as we went in to field, knowing that we had only managed to score 2½ rounders. We kept the play tight with some excellent catches from around the field, most notably Grace D caught a ball that was hit right at her chest! Jemima managed to stump many out at second base and Harriet was busy as a bee around 3rd. They struggled to hit Grace's donkey drop balls and soon the whole side was out. The score was 5½ - 2½.

We played with much more urgency in the second half and actually managed to hit the balls from their fearless bowler. Unfortunately their fielding had stepped up and soon many of our batters were out, leaving just Harriet, Kirstie and Evi left. Through excellent teamwork they managed to get 3 rounders between them.

Knowing that the score was already a tie, (5½ - 5½), we relaxed our fielding. St. Anselm's managed to find a gap in our field near 1st base and took advantage of it. They amounted another 9 rounders, meaning the final score was 14½ - 5½ .

A great game to watch girls with some excellent teamwork and communication.