Yarlet U9's A Team (Football)
Score 3-0 to Yarlet

A thrilling game which saw a lot of passing, dashing and teamwork ensued at Birchfield last Wednesday, where the A team took away a victory over Birchfield.

Birchfield were well prepared, and physical, yet our boys stole a win through clever tactics, quick thinking and communication.
Zak scored first rather quickly, setting the tone for the match to follow. Supporting him was Henry, who demonstrated great skill both in offence and defence.
Angus scored the second and third goals, both well-deserved for this talented young player.
But we cannot forget the brilliant defence which ensured no goals were scored against Yarlet. Fraser in goal saved what would have been a great goal, and was supported effectively by William, who shone in his role.
The boys though could not have succeeded without the vision of their captain, Reuben, who held them together and offered constant support.
Well done boys, keep up the great effort!

Yarlet U9's B Team (Football)
Score: 6-0 victory to Yarlet

Phenomenal. If there was a word to explain how the boys played, it would be phenomenal.
The B Team approached Birchfield, and were timid to start, but soon settled into the game. The first third passed without comment, neither side gaining or losing ground, as they tested the battlefield.
It was the second third where our boys attacked. William scored the first goal, weaving throughout the Birchfield boys and placing it in nicely.
This was quickly followed by another goal from Robbie and by now we were really firing on all cylinders.
Robbie smoothly scored the best goal of the game; a clean kick which sailed over the heads of both entire teams, and into the opponents goal.
William scored a fourth goal, and spirits could not be higher. Harry, captain of the team, rallied his team masterfully, and Izaak and Oscar worked hard in defence.
By the last third, Birchfield were tired, but our boys' energy was relentless. Robbie scored his hat-trick, and William, who promised his dad a goal for his birthday, instead gave him a hat-trick too.
A terrific game which all enjoyed. Well done boys!